AdvanceMed Research is a professionally managed multi-specialty clinical research center committed to providing high quality, efficient clinical research services to the Pharmaceutical, Device and Biotechnology industries. 

After much success in completing several clinical trials in Urology in 1989, AdvanceMed moved to larger quarters with their own exam rooms, monitor room and lab. It was not long after that move that the research facility needed more room for growth with over 30 studies conducted each year and five full-time staff members another move was apparent. While under the vision and leadership of Gary S. Karlin, M.D., AdvanceMed Research has evolved into a leading multi-specialty clinical research facility that conducts Phase II-IV research studies and Phase I PK studies.

We also offer clinical research consulting in the design and development of protocols, source documents, case report forms, post marketing studies, pharmaco-economic studies, clinical utilization and outcome studies.

Our staff is also known for its speaking presentations and contributions to articles sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies.

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#2: Why They Chose to be Research Volunteers
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